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final void com::kenai::jnr::x86asm::SerializerIntrinsics::fild ( Mem  src  )  [inline]

Load 16 bit, 32 bit or 64 bit Integer and push it to the stack (FPU). Converts the signed-integer source operand into double extended-precision floating point format and pushes the value onto the FPU register stack. The source operand can be a word, doubleword, or quadword integer. It is loaded without rounding errors. The sign of the source operand is preserved.

Definition at line 2048 of file SerializerIntrinsics.java.

References com::kenai::jnr::x86asm::SerializerCore::emitX86().

    assert(src.size() == 2 || src.size() == 4 || src.size() == 8);
    emitX86(INST_FILD, src);

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