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final void com::kenai::jnr::x86asm::SerializerIntrinsics::lock (  )  [inline]

Assert LOCK# Signal Prefix. This instruction causes the processor´┐Żs LOCK# signal to be asserted during execution of the accompanying instruction (turns the instruction into an atomic instruction). In a multiprocessor environment, the LOCK# signal insures that the processor has exclusive use of any shared memory while the signal is asserted.

The LOCK prefix can be prepended only to the following instructions and to those forms of the instructions that use a memory operand: ADD, ADC, AND, BTC, BTR, BTS, CMPXCHG, DEC, INC, NEG, NOT, OR, SBB, SUB, XOR, XADD, and XCHG. An undefined opcode exception will be generated if the LOCK prefix is used with any other instruction. The XCHG instruction always asserts the LOCK# signal regardless of the presence or absence of the LOCK prefix.

Definition at line 940 of file SerializerIntrinsics.java.

References com::kenai::jnr::x86asm::SerializerCore::emitX86().


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