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final void com::kenai::jnr::x86asm::SerializerIntrinsics::cmpxchg8b ( Mem  dst  )  [inline]

Compares the 64-bit value in EDX:EAX with the memory operand (Pentium). If the values are equal, then this instruction stores the 64-bit value in ECX:EBX into the memory operand and sets the zero flag. Otherwise, this instruction copies the 64-bit memory operand into the EDX:EAX registers and clears the zero flag.

Definition at line 544 of file SerializerIntrinsics.java.

References com::kenai::jnr::x86asm::SerializerCore::emitX86().

    emitX86(INST_CMPXCHG8B, dst);

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